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Welcome to my journal! This is a place where I can talk about films. I hope you enjoy my posts!

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This past weekend, my fiancée, Emily, and I attended Horrorhound Weekend, and visited some of my family in Cincinnati, Ohio. An...

The Batman (2022) Review

I've been wanting this kind of Batman film my entire life. I grew up loving the character of Batman. I watched the awesome Batman: The...

I Watched Every Universal Monster Film

In February of 2020, I watched every Universal Monster Film. It was something I always wanted to do because I’ve always been a fan of a...

1958 Cinema

This past month I explored cinema from the year 1958. The thought came out of nowhere really but I’m overall happy that I decided to...

Prisoners: One Of My Favorite Films

Prisoners is a 2013 drama starring Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal. It’s directed by Denis Villeneuve and it’s one of my all time...

My Thoughts on the Halloween Franchise

The Halloween series is one of the most iconic horror franchises of all time. Spanding over 12 films, soon to be 13, the series is full...


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