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Frankenweenie: One Of My Favorite Films

Frankenweenie is a 2012 stop motion animation directed by Tim Burton. It’s about a young boy losing his dog and the boy bringing him back from the dead. It’s one of my favorite films of all time.

Tim Burton is one of my favorite filmmakers. He has that perfect gothic style. His style fits perfectly with stop motion animation. This film is a perfect example of that. It all blends so well together. He previously made Corpse Bride (2005) with Mike Johnson as a co-director. I like Corpse Bride as well. 

First off, this is a beautifully made film. I love the character designs, the world, and that beautiful black and white cinematography. It's so awesome. It's one of the best looking animated films I've seen. All the characters are memorable, especially Sparky and Victor. All the voice actors do a great job as well.

The animators deserve so much credit for their hard work. I watched the behind the scenes and I was truly amazed by how much work went into this film. Stop motion animation never fails to amaze me. 

I love how this film pays homage to the classic Universal Monster films. I love those films. I watched all 35 a few years ago and it was quite an experience. Burton is an obvious fan so it's awesome to see his love for those films in this film. Some of the character designs, names, buildings, the plot, and the ending are all references to those classic films and I love that. 

I have an emotional connection to this film. I recently lost my dog of 17 years in January of 2022. Max was his name. He was a westie and the perfect pal. He died in my arms and I'm still full of grief. I did get his face tattooed on my thigh so that helped with grieving. Sorry to go on about this but I know that's a huge reason why this film hit me hard. The story is touching but important. I think it's a perfect message for kids to understand. We all have pets that will eventually die. We need to know & prepare. It's one tough lesson to learn but it's vital. I love how this film challenges that message.

My favorite scene is when Victor is bringing Sparky back to life. It’s a large experiment scene with all these household objects in the attic. The way it’s shot is so well done. I also love the 3rd act. It’s absolutely nuts. All the other classmates of Victor start bringing their pets back from the dead and it causes absolute chaos. The climactic battle in the burning windmill is so damn awesome. 

This is one of the best animated films ever made. It's one of my favorite films. I’d even say it’s my favorite animated film of all time. I’d highly recommend it, especially in October.

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