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The Year Without a Santa Claus: My Favorite Christmas Film

The Year Without a Santa Claus is my favorite Christmas film. It’s been my favorite ever since I was very young. It’s a classic stop motion animation from 1974. If you haven’t seen it then I’d recommend it. It’s a holiday staple that I watch it every year.

This film brings me back to my childhood like no other. I used to watch this on a worn out VHS tape and would watch it over and over and over again. I watched it so much I wore the tape out. Every Christmas I would throw this in the VCR and watch it with the tree lit up and the fireplace going. It’s a nostalgia trip every time I watch this film and it’s something I will show to my kids some day.

The story is quite unique. Santa is feeling depressed about the children of the world forgetting about him so he decides to skip Christmas that year. That causes Mrs. Claus to grow concerned and send two elves out in the world to spread Christmas cheer. They get into trouble so Mrs. Claus and Santa have to get them out of it. I like the direction of the story. It gives the film a lot of chances for some emotional moments.

This film is full of emotional moments that make me tear up. Santa’s depression is very relatable. He feels like no one believes in him and it really makes him ill. Why bother? That’s very interesting and I understand where he’s coming from. Once the children of the world give him the holiday he deserves, he feels like people care. It’s very touching. But when the little girl with the red bow sings “Blue Christmas” I always feel like I am going to cry. It’s such a beautiful song and the way it springs Santa into motion is truly inspiring.

When I was a kid, the two main reasons I loved this film so much were because of Snow Miser and Heat Miser. The Miser brothers. What an iconic duo. Their banter is perfect. I love how they use their powers as puns and insults.

Snow Miser is portrayed by the amazing Dick Shawn. His voice fits the amazing design of the character perfectly. His song and dance scene is my favorite scene of the film. It’s catchy and well animated. What an awesome character.

Heat Miser is also awesome. Everything I said about Snow Miser applies here. Great voice acting by George Irving. The character design is on point. The song is catchy and the animation is well done. Great character.

The animation is well done. The film is directed by Jules Bass and Arthur Rankin Jr and I think they do a tremendous job. The character designs, sets, and everything technical wise is well done. I also really enjoy the music and the songs. Every song is a banger.

I couldn’t recommend this film enough. It’s perfect for the holiday season and the whole family. The message is meaningful and there are emotional depths like no other. This film means a lot to me and it’s my favorite Christmas film.

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