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Brodey's Film Journal

Welcome to my journal! This is a place where I can talk about films. I hope you enjoy my posts!

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Colin Clive: One Of My Favorite Actors

Colin Clive is one of my favorite actors. He’s mostly known for playing Dr. Henry Frankenstein in the immortal classic Frankenstein...

A Town Called Hell: An Underrated Gem

A Town Called Hell or also known as A Town Called Bastard is a 1971 western starring Robert Shaw, Martin Landau, and Stella Stevens....

Nocturnal Animals: One Of My Favorite Films

Nocturnal Animals is a 2016 Neo-Noir directed by Tom Ford. I saw this in theaters back in 2016 and it instantly became one of my favorite...


This past weekend, my fiancée, Emily, and I attended Horrorhound Weekend, and visited some of my family in Cincinnati, Ohio. An...

The Batman (2022) Review

I've been wanting this kind of Batman film my entire life. I grew up loving the character of Batman. I watched the awesome Batman: The...

I Watched Every Universal Monster Film

In February of 2020, I watched every Universal Monster Film. It was something I always wanted to do because I’ve always been a fan of a...

1958 Cinema

This past month I explored cinema from the year 1958. The thought came out of nowhere really but I’m overall happy that I decided to...

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